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Audrey’s work is haunting and sensual. Stepping into her vision of the world is like remembering a beautiful dream.

Molly’s work challenges, inspires, titillates and always draws you in, making you look at all its secrets. The headers she made for me, Bohemea and Pussy le Queer are some of the loveliest gifts I have ever recieved.

Aoi’s pieces of body art accentuate the exciting danger of seduction. They are completely beyond the expected, which is what makes them so fascinating.

Cheyenne Jackson is a singer and actor who most people know best as Danny on 30 Rock. His twitter is reading pages from the Gay Bible for me. The day he followed me back was like Christmas morning.

Aisha is a writer for Parks and Recreation (funny show or FUNNIEST SHOW?) She references all these rare pop culture things that only a select group of nerdy around-in-the-early-90’s types would know about, therefore making me a devotee.

Eli Roth only reblogged this one picture from me, but when he did it was, no exaggeration, ONE OF THE GREATEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE. THE BEAR JEW SMILED UPON ME. AND THEN I DIED.

Natasha is a journalist/NIN enthusiast/fellow Riker’s beard lover/basically one of the most awesome chicks you’re ever gonna come across. Following her will greatly improve your life.

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