Saturday, August 25th 2012


With rumours going around for a female version of The Expendables, I wanted to share my dream cast. I checked the ages of all the men in The Expendables & The Expendables 2 & they’re all between the ages of 45-65 (except Liam Hemsworth). So here’s a list of 15 bad ass women in that age bracket that I would love to see in an action movie together:

1. Susan Sarandon 
2. Pam Grier 
3. Sigourney Weaver
4. Lynda Carter
5. Linda Hamilton
6. Geena Davis
7. Jamie Lee Curtis
8. Kelly Lynch
9. Demi Moore
10. Brigitte Nielsen
11. Miranda Otto
12. Gillian Anderson
13. Lucy Lawless
14. Kristy Swanson
15. Peta Wilson

edited to add: (if you have suggestions of any 40+ bad ass woman, message me!)

Michelle Pfeiffer
Sharon Stone (wonka13)
Meryl Streep (toyshopfullofhorrors
Helen Mirren 
Lucy Liu (ansiosoeterna)
Uma Thurman (ansiosoeterna)
Vivica A. Fox (ansiosoeterna)
Daryl Hannah  (ansiosoeterna)
Queen Latifah 
Michelle Yeoh (saunteringvaguelydownwards
Michelle Forbes (suicideblonde)
Carrie Fisher (suicideblonde
Monica Bellucci (lesmurs
Angela Bassett (fotzepolitic)
Carrie-Anne Moss (saunteringvaguelydownwards)
Jeri Ryan (suicideblonde
Famke Janssen (saunteringvaguelydownwards)
Lena Olin (saunteringvaguelydownwards)
Halle Berry 
Shirley Manson 
Alice Krige 
Jodie Foster (roundtableguest)
Linda Blair (roundtableguest)
Lori Petty (suicideblonde)
Patricia Arquette (e-mail submission)
Grace Jones (e-mail submission) 
Salma Hayek (e-mail submission) 
Gina Gershon (e-mail submission)
Jane Seymour
Heather Langenkamp 

ps.. I totally agree that Lena Headey, Angelina Jolie & Milla Jovovich are bad-asses, but they’re in their 30s & I’m trying to keep the list to women who are 40+.

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    … but where’s Uma Thurman? As I recall she can totaly be a badass. The list is awesome though.
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    What?!!! Surly Lindsy Wagner!! The Bionic Woman!! That’s a no brainer!!!
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